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Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe photographed at the National Ranching Heritage Museum in Lubbock, Texas on April 16, 2014.
Photo Credit: Ashley Rodgers—Texas Tech University

UPF Endorses Atmospheric Scientist and Climatologist: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

United Progressive Fraternity, in line with our mission of raising awareness of climate change and humanitarian concerns through music, endorses Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, associate professor […]

Jerry Marotta

What Happens Now (CD1 – Track 1) Update 1

Jerry Marotta has just delivered his files to Mark & Steve on work done on ‘What Happens Now’ (great job!)

Christophe Lebled

Welcome Christophe Lebled

Welcome Christophe Lebled! Chris has joined the United Progressive Fraternity – UPF, by adding his arrangement for the opening theme (CD1 track 1 LOSS-HOPE) which […]

Jerry Marotta

Welcome Jerry Marotta

6 April 2016 – United Progressive Fraternity is indeed proud to welcome on board world-class drummer and producer Jerry Marotta, who is currently working on […]


Lyrics Contest Winners Announced

Truey and Steve Unruh are very pleased with the entries for the Planetary Overload Lyrics Contest. They have selected the 2 winning lyrics, 1 runner-up, […]

Planetary Overload - Loss and Hope

Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope’

Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope’ News update for immediate release (10 November 2015) The forthcoming double CD by United Progressive […]


Sean & Mark in the studio (Nov 2016)

Dear Fellow Unitopians, Empiryans & Fratz…

We hope this message finds you well.

Recently, there has been some speculation regarding the status of the friendship between Mark & myself. As you may be aware, during the making of our (unfinished) album ‘Turn Left’, Mark & I had a disagreement over some issues that were dear to both our hearts. We disbanded Unitopia and we started our own projects, Mark with United Progressive Fraternity and myself with Southern Empire. Both projects have been met with great success and we are respectively very proud of them.
About 6 months ago, Mark & I had the opportunity to talk about a few things unrelated to Unitopia and we found that our respect and care for one another was still there, despite the damages of the past. Mark was extremely supportive throughout a difficult business situation that we were both involved in and this gave us hope that a rekindling of our friendship was possible.

Where does this leave Unitopia you might ask?

As of this writing, there are no plans to re-form Unitopia, but there are some exciting projects that both Mark & I are working on together. These will be announced in due course and we hope you’ll get behind them as you’ve done for every other project that we’ve been involved in.

UPF and Southern Empire are still our primary focus and there will be some very exciting announcements concerning all three bands very soon.
Thank you for your continued support of our music. It means a great deal to us and we are constantly humbled and honoured to have such a wonderful and caring fan base.

Cheers… Sean Timms & Mark Truey Trueack